Would you like more information?  Are you interested in an Irish Wolfhound puppy with known heritage and a complete pedigree?  Even if you 'just want a pet' it is extremely important for the future of the breed that you get what you expect... and, unfortunately, getting an Irish Wolfhound with a complete known and accurate ancestry is not as uncomplicated as it once was - you can no longer just find a 'registered breeder' or a 'show breeder' and expect that you will get a pure bred puppy with complete and undisputed Irish Wolfhound ancestry.

Being a conscientious breeder means ALWAYS keeping the long term future of the breed as the most important goal. Breeding is more than a beauty contest.  Breeders and owners are stewards of this breed's future.  Join us in keeping the future safe for the  Irish Wolfhound breed by finding your puppy through a breeder working only with registered pure bred Irish Wolfhounds with complete known and undisputed ancestry.  (Note, pedigree 'blanks' have since been replaced with the name of a dog, Ornumflow Lord Erikson, so breed researchers should adjust research accordingly.)

Please contact any breeder below who will discuss whether the Irish Wolfhound is the right breed choice for your companion. Please do not be surprised by a lot of questions – responsible breeders will want to know more about you besides how you intend to pay for a puppy. If they are not planning a litter in the near future, they will put you in touch with another breeder whose breeding stock and kennel contain only Irish Wolfhounds with completely known and undisputed ancestry.

We recommend that you check with these breeders before buying any Irish Wolfhound puppy.


BHFHOUNDS     Vicki Johnson

CARADILYS         Cheryl Evans

CLARIONVALE    John McKay & Michelle Patison

CRANNOG         Paddy Robinson

CUCELT              Terry O’Sullivan
(02) 97435313



OLLMORCU       Kim Gunther & Michael Milne

ORNUMFLOW   Sylvia Munro

WULFGAR          Soile & Stephen Gendle


DILEANN            Berry Johnson

DRAYTON          Loretta van Nunspeet


CELTICBLISS      Joan Powell

CRUSHEEN        Andrew Brown

DONGUNYA      John and Sue Donaldson

TOLLAIR             G & L Benson



CREENA            Jodie Michelmore

CUFIAIN           Michelle Thomson

GLENFELS        Sarah Baker

GREYCROFT     John & Sue Lewington

HOLLYMORN   Jeannine Hooper

TIROWEN         Dr F.J. and Mrs. A.T. McEvoy


ANMCHARA     Amy Andre

GINARA            Judy