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FEEDBACK   (Real comments from people who purchased a registered puppy only to later learn the pedigree was incomplete.)

“I am really finding this hard to believe that some people think this is acceptable. When I handed over my 3000 dollars for my puppy I was not told there may be some issues with her paperwork in regards to her grandsire. I would have thought for that amount of money I should be entitled to know everything that may cause some issue. I am shocked that people continue to sell these puppies to innocent owners like myself with no prewarning what so ever. If I had known her papers would come back with blanks on the pedigree I would not have purchased her to begin with.”


“ I have the potential to own a line with incomplete pedigrees.  The fact remains if I had been made aware of this by all of these people then I wouldn’t have purchased...”


“The actual sire is an unregistered dog of unknown parentage. Dogs Victoria have agreed to remove the listed sire from the pedigrees of the litter that Alice came from, but leave them as purebred registered dogs. Imagine my disappointment at finding this out, and the horror I felt that Dogs Victoria could leave these dogs as still being registered when this whole litter - including my Alice - now have only HALF a pedigree with all the sire's side blank."
"...I am disgusted with Dogs Victoria who are supposed to be the custodians of the pure breed registry when they make decisions such as they have."